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Blog about Olympia area bats: - Bat Conservation International sponsors projects worldwide, and has helped with this website by sharing bat photos and descriptions with us. BCI has extensive information about all the world’s bat species, books and gift items, a 62-page online photo library, and even bat e-cards! - Bats Northwest, headquartered in Seattle, also shared photos and text with this website. Their website focuses on bats in Western Washington State and includes lesson plans for educators. Events include regular bat viewing walks at Green Lake from June through September and classes about bats. Their interesting newsletter is available online. - Capitol Lake also shared information with this site. It describes Olympia’s Capitol Lake, focusing mainly on the bats. It provides maps and videos about the bats, and links to articles and topics of interest. - Washington Department of Fish &Wildlife has a very rich set of information about all the wildlife in our state. For bats, here are the main sites: - Bat World Sanctuary shows videos on YouTube, for example, one on rescuing baby bats, feeding them, and releasing them into the wild. Note that the wild life rehabilitators you will see holding bats in their bare hands have been inoculated against rabies—never handle wildlife with your bare hands!

- go to top of page - - University of Michigan Department of Zoology has an online encyclopedia on animal diversity that is frequently updated by their students. - The Organization for Bat Conservation is based in the Cranbrook Institute of Science in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. It also sponsors worldwide projects to save bats. At the Bat Zone, the public can join regular tours to see live bats in captivity. - BCM, Inc. provides artificial bat maternity roosts, systematic Indiana bat fieldwork, and professional grade bat survey field equipment.

The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History website allows you to download your own personalized field guide with photos and text.

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